dance academy

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Sara Jean Dance Company Class Description

Combo (2-4 program & 4-6 program)
This is your basic introductory class to dance for younger children. It is here that they will exercise motor skills, learn to promote creativity and increase physical strength. Special awareness, imagery, and movement skills will be taught allowing your child to better comprehend and understand dance. The class will include fun dance games.


Ballet (Mandatory Class for Competition students)
Class will consist of barre work, center, across the floor, comprehending vocabulary, melodic execution, and understanding correct placement and usage of one’s own body. All competition students must take ballet.


Technique and Stretch (Mandatory Class for Competition students)
Technique is the basis of all fundamentals of dance, from holding your body correctly while performing, to executing skills properly in a routine. Strong technique extends across all areas of dance, regardless of the style of your routine. All competition students must take technique and stretch.


A collaboration of jazz technique and stylistic dance. Class consists of warm- up, across the floor, combinations and choreography. Jazz with concentration on flexibility, strength, and musicality with aspects of jazz.


Musical Theater (Recommended to take Jazz also)
In this class your child is introduced to theater performance through the utilization of a Broadway or movie musical song/dance incorporation. Watch and enjoy as your child transforms into a character!


Lyrical/ Contemporary (Recommended to take Ballet also)
This all-encompassing class uses balance, flexibility, and control to help enhance your child’s self-expression through the lyrics and feeling of music. Your dancer will move freely and differently with ease through space. Here they will also be exposed to additional performance and improvisational techniques.


If your child is energetic, this class is for them. This high energy class will have them “poppin and lockin” in no time. Through the use of both classical and street techniques, this well-rounded class will enhance their overall dynamics.


This class is where your dancer will increase their ability to use intricate footwork as a form of expression and their personal comprehension of rhythmic sounds. Through the utilization of movement that will increase exposure to warm up, across the floor and various combinations, you will see their confidence increase as they understand the history of dance and tap choreography.


Solo/ Duet/ Trio’s
A student can sign up for a solo lesson of 30 minutes for personal attention with skills or choreography. Solo’s, Duet’s and Trio’s can be auditioned for before winter break and set up in 30 minute time slots for choreography and cleaning.
(Must be in competition to audition.)


Production (*Competition Team Only and Mandatory*)
These classes will be held starting after winter break on Saturday’s. All competition students must attend these classes. There is a 2 hour block per competition level and during this they will be learning choreography for Tap, Jazz, Hip hop and Lyrical production numbers for the recital. (If your student only does 3 out of 4 of the styles for the competition team then they don’t have to be in that other style for the production.) This means all levels of competition will combine for a large performance at the recital. This time will also be used as cleaning for competition routines as well. Times are scheduled to change and combine towards the end of the year.


Kickline/ Pom
This class is used mostly as a preparation class for middle school or high school kickline/pom teams. Students will learn a full breakdown of movements and feel confident going to that audition.


“Off Ice Training” Grounded Skate
Ice Skating skills are based on dance technique’s. This class is an opportunity to work on flexibility, turns and jumps off the ice and perfect them before putting on skates. (*NO RECITAL DANCE*)


Differently Abled
Everyone deserves a chance to dance! SJDC is committed to bringing the joy and benefits of dance and music to students with disabilities. This class will consist of jazz and hip hop techniques. Classes are taught with an instructor and an assistant who is certified and has experience working at a DDI.


Adult Dance
Do you miss dance and don’t have an opportunity to do it anymore? Or have you always wanted to dance and never got a chance in your younger years? Well here’s your chance.

The styles will include jazz, hip hop, ballet and lyrical. All styles can be done in jazz shoes for specifically this class. This class will consist of stretching, warm up, across the floor, dance games, improvisation and choreography.


Adult Zumba
Zumba is a fitness program that combines Latin and international music with dance moves. Zumba routines incorporate interval training, alternating fast and slow rhythms, to help improve cardiovascular fitness and is a whole ton of fun. This is an upbeat, fun way to get moving or get those steps in. (*NO RECITAL DANCE*)